Women's cycling clothing by Susy

That day you wake up

Once in your lifetime you decide that something needs to change. In 2015 Susy started road cycling. One morning she woke up, took one look at her cycling clothing and decided: these outfits can look so much nicer. This needs to change. I can do a better job at this. I’m going to start my own stylish cyclewear brand in women's cycling clothing. She started sharing her dream and the response was so enthusiastic, it gave her the strength to go for it. It was just a matter of time before she built up a new family who were all driven to help her during this journey to set up Susy Cyclewear, a stylish brand in women's cycling clothing.


The right women's cycling clothing brings you more joy in cycling and enhances your performance.


A specifically and exclusively brand for women

Women’s road cycling is up and coming in the world. More and more women make the transition from the gym to the road. It is the women's cycling clothing that has fallen behind. Susy tackled everything she thought needed improvement: styling, fabrics, colors, looks, attention to detail and most of all, fit.


Every first piece is tested by Susy

Susy takes road trips to Poland and Italy herself where she selects the fabrics and discusses her wishes. Every piece is first tested by herself. She cycles all across the Veluwe in it, tosses it in the laundry and breaks a sweat in it just to see how the cycling clothing reacts after several rides. Thanks to Susy’s expertise in fabrics and years of experience in the fashion industry, she is capable of crafting a brand in women's cycling clothing you want to be seen wearing.


The very first collection women's cycling clothing by Susy

Since waking up that one morning, Susy has taken charge of her life and so Susy Cyclewear was born on May 7, 2016 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Very proudly she presented her very first collection made up of nine items, which can be mixed and matched. The women's cycling clothing collection has been shaped by combining the latest fashion trends with the best breathable materials. Piece by piece, all items look stylish, sporty and feminine.


Attention is the key

The fit of both the long and short cycle pants are shaped to women’s hips. The shape of the chamois has been adapted to prevent chafing and irritation. The foamy chamois cushions reduce friction, even with frequent use. The shirts are tailored to a woman’s waist and have neat details like a little pocket, soft flatlocks, a stretchable zipper and a reflector.


Whether you enjoy long trips on Sunday mornings

or cycle to work every day –

whether you’re a beginner or fanatical athlete,

Susy Cyclewear brings you the ultimate comfort

on your racing bicycle or mountain bike.


What do you think?

The very first women's cycling clothing by Susy is out now. Please take a look, Susy is very curious what you think of her women's cycling clothing brand. Thoughts & impressions can be shared at the Instagram page: 'susycyclewear'. Or by sending an email to [email protected]

You can purchase your Susy cycling clothing at www.susycyclewear.com and we deliver worldwide.

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