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Why do the cycling outfits look like mens gear or have only flowers and big prints? It even felt unfair, why are the running and yoga outfits so fashionable and cycling wear is fallen behind? Read in my blog how I started to set up Susy cyclewear after a failed job interview.

Exactly two years ago I decided to set up my brand

Unfortunately I did not yet the job as a product manager at Futurum. But the idea of developing my own cycling wear brand was still in my head. I saw more and more women cycling. But found all brands were still focused on performance only and not on looks and trends at all.
I looked on the internet, spoke with many female rides to hear them too. I wrote down all their wishes for the perfect women’s cycling wear collection. Ever since I didn’t get that job I had the feeling I needed to go for it. I canceled my favourite shopping trip with my friend and went to a local cycling tour at the Veluwe, The Netherlands. I found out it was not only me, all those ladies had the same problem; Where on earth can I find something that makes me look nice?? Why do the cycling outfits look like mens gear or have only flowers and big prints? It even felt unfair, why are the running and yoga outfits so fashionable and cycling wear is fallen behind? It is exactly two years ago I decided to go for it; develop on trend cycle wear for females made from high quality and exclusive materials. Why? Because you want to look stunning (on and of your bike) And you know what? It doesn't’t matter how fast or how long you are riding. As long as you have fun cycling and feel comfortable. After the interviews I planned a three week holiday. I stayed at home to figure out how to set up my brand. I found a freelance desiger to help me out too. I knew how to produce a high quality collection, throughout my career I had ten years experience in this. But than still…I needed to create a mood board, decide on a brand name, decide on fabrics and colours. Figuring out a brand name was the hardest. I overthought everthing and eventually decided to use my own name to make it extra personal. After all it’s the collection from Susy; a cycle girl from Holland. I tested a lot of fabrics myself and decided to use Italian fabrics from a factory who is specialized in high quality sport fabrics. Their fabrics have an incredible comfortable and soft touch. Next to that the fabrics were stretchable and offered muscle control too. So finding good fabrics is one, but next to that you also need a good garment factory. I decided to contact a former factory that I used to work with. They were specialized in women’s wear and cycle wear. The perfect combination. Ania, the pattern maker made patterns with a good 3D fit so each seam was placed on the correct position. This is so important, because it makes the female figures extra nice plus it gives you more comfort during riding.

Yes I was going for it; Susy cyclewear; on trend female cycle wear, Because you want to look stunning!

Do you want to know what happened next? Stay tuned and read my new blog next month!

Do you want to start your own (cycling) collection too? I would love to help you out! Just send me an email; [email protected]

Ps: Since it's exactly two years ago I decided to set up Susy cyclewear I am giving away beautiful Susy cycling socks of €9,95 to match your cycling outfit! If you buy a Susy top & bottom you will receive these high quality cycling socks with the discount code; 'XOSUSY'

You can just select the Susy top, bottom and socks you like and after using our code you will get our discount.  

XO Susy




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