Spinning wear for women

Indoor cycling, either you are addicted to it or you hate it. Indoor cycling can be done on a Tacx or on a spinning bike. Next to that spinning boutiques such as Soulcycle and Rocycle are also very popular.  One thing is certain; you sweat a lot during a spinning work out. That's why you want to wear ladies spinning wear which are extremely breathable and can absorb a lot of sweat. 

If you are a beginner with spinning, you often wear tights without a chamoid padding and a sport top. After your first spinning sesion you will realise why you need a spinning legging with padding. It will avoid irritation and saddle pain. The ladies spinning bottom can be a cycling short, three-quarter or long legging made of a breathable Lycra fabric. A chamois padding is inserted into the seat of the spinning pants. The padding is made of a 3D perforated foam. The 3D shape ensures that it gives proper support to the sitting bones. The perforated foam ensures that it breathes well and the smooth top layer prevents irritation. Cycling paddings are available in all kinds of qualities; thin padding that barely supports to the thicker chamois padding. Susy cyclewear uses a high quality thick padding to give you all support that they need. The pad has been especially developed for women. 

Next to a spinning legging with padding you can wear a sleeveless spinning shirt. Susy cyclewear has many different sleeveless ladies spinning shirts in all kinds of colors. These sleeveless spinning shirts from Susy cyclewear are extremely light to wear during your spinning class. The materials feel super soft and high quality. In addition it absorbs perspiration and quickly gives off to the outside air. 


Besides comfortable ladies spinning wear, you also want to look nice.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner; comfortable ladies spinning clothes is a must. But that does not mean that looks are not important. During your bike workout you also want to look nice. Most sports brands only focus on performance and forget that you also want to look trendy. Susy cyclewear has therefore developed ladies spinning clothing that looks stylish and exclusive. Susy cyclewear has short spinning pants, three-quarter spinning pants and long spinning pants. The sleeveless spinning shirts we have in many colors such as pink, aqua, light blue, navy, night, and bright blue. They are available in sizes XS to XL. All items are equally stylish and are produced in Europe with a beautiful finish. The trendy spinning clothing from Susy cyclewear are unique because of the feminine lines and the beautiful fit. The ladies spinning pants with chamois padding have a high waist which is very comfortable.


What is the difference between a ladies bike shorts and a ladies spinning pants?

Most brands have a thinner pad in spinning pants compared to cycling shorts. Susy cyclewear finds it important that you do not get any saddle pain during a spinning class. The saddles of a spinning bike are often hard and not always comfortable. That's why the ladies spinning pants from Susy cyclewear have a high-quality, thicker pad to avoid any kind of saddle soreness . Susy cyclewear therefore makes no difference between cycling shorts or spinning pants. In addition, spinning pants are sometimes made of a somewhat thinner material so that you feel less warm. However, the materials used by Susy cyclewear are suitable for cycling, mountain biking and indoor cycling.

Experience it yourself and order your ladies spinning pants at Susy cyclewear now.