The start of Susy cyclewear

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How it all started with an idea after a job interview

Change in life

In 2014 I realized I was already working ten years in the fashion industry as a product manager. Next to that I also realized I have to work another 40 years until retirement. I needed a change and wanted to do something new. As a product manager I organized the production for many sports and casual wear brands. Many times during my career I thought why not start my own brand? I thought often about this, but for some reason nothing happened. One thing I did know; I needed a change in life.

2015 I bought a roadbike. I loved to run long distances but unfortunately I got a knee injury and felt I needed to do a new sport. Buying a roadbike is quite a big investment and a big search. I wanted a good and nice looking bike. After I found my first roadbike I started cycling with Kek Arnhem. They taught me the cycling skills which is really useful in the beginning. But wow after I got used to the pedals I absolutely loved it! And I still do!  I am not fast but I am still in love with cycling.


Job interview for a cycling apparel brand

In February 2015 I had a job interview at an online sportswear retailer concerning their own private label collection. It would be fun to develop their collection I thought. During the interview they asked me what I wanted to improve or change on their cycling apparel collection. At that time I didn't have the perfect answer for it. On my way back home, I knew what was missing in the cycling apparel industry. All brands are only focused on performance and going faster. But they forget women want to look great during their ride. You might sweat like crazy but you want an outfit to be seen. The moment I parked my car in front of my apartment I knew what I wanted to change; offer high fashion and on trend feminine cycle wear, because women want to look stunning (on and off your bike)


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