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You probably are enjoying the weather and not thinking about summer 2018. Wel I am. My whole workspace is filled with new fabrics and colours for summer 2018. And I need your help!

Our first cycle wear collection

The very first Susy cyclewear is on point! I am truely happy with the outcome of our cycle wear collection. The quality is tested many times before our range went into production. For me it’s very important the quality stays nice even after 25 times washing. So next to a very sleek design the quality is also very durable.


What is your ideal women's cycling kit for summer 2018?

And while you are enjoying the weather, we are moving forward and thinking about next summer already!  At the moment we are brainstorming about our new cycling wear collection for summer 2018. Two month ago I found beautiful new fabrics on the Performance days in Munich. (A very good fair to go to if you source European fabrics and trimmings in sportswear apparel by the way.)  As we speak I am deciding on colours and models. My small studio is full with new fabrics and colours. And this is why I need your help. I would love to know which colours we should use for summer 2018 according to you? And is there any special model, detail or print that you think we should add? Should we add pink or not? Should we add black shorts as well or stick with the navy cycling shorts? I would love to hear from you!

XO Susy


  1. Janet Whiteley Janet Whiteley

    Hi Susy, are you shipping to the UK? I keep trying to order but I cannot get past 'no shipping method available' ?

  2. suzan hauwert suzan hauwert

    Quel est le tour de taille mesuré ? (partie la plus étroite de la taille environ 10 cm sous le buste)

  3. Heike Heike

    Hi Susy,
    I would like to add an additional thought: I am a big fam of merinowool and more and more cycling wear also contains some merinowool. Unfortunately there are much less models for women. I would love to have more choice in good looking merino jerseys.
    Maybe this is something you arebalready thinking of?
    Best, Heike

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