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From now on you can follow me during my Susy adventures!

‘Susy you need to start a blog’. Several people told me I needed to start a blog. At first I was not convinced, there are already so many blogs about food, female cyclists, sports etc. But I realized my blog should just be about myself, Susy, a garment technologist who is crazy about sports, fabrics, fashion and quality. How I started a cycle wear brand and my dream to become a well-known international cycle wear brand for female cyclists who want to look stunning during their ride. Follow me during my adventures; meeting new people, finding the right fabrics, quality controll, visiting my factories, sales events and so on! From now on I will blog or vlog once a month and I love to share my Susy adventures with you. Perhaps you want to start a brand yourself and I love to share my experiences! Will you follow me?   

XO Susy


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