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A beautiful ladies bike shirt with a spray design in aqua and other shades of blue.

It is difficult to find beautiful ladies cycling shirts. Often the bike shirt is too masculine or the colors too screaming. This cycling shirt is based on a previously successful susy cycling shirt. This new cycling shirt again has a spray design. The colors of the spray on the beautiful ladies bike shirt consist of aqua and various shades of blue. The aqua and blues are easy to combine with other ladies cycling wear or a Susy ladies bike shorts. The spray design is irregular and gives a playful effect to the beautiful cycling shirt.
The front of the beautiful ladies bike shirt has a nice, sturdy block zipper. The ykk zipper is extremely smooth and forms a view to the body. The zipper is a contrasting color which makes it stand out. The back of the zipper is nicely finished so that the zipper will not irritate while cycling. The zipper is about 25 cm long.
The back has a retro band with stripes in aqua and blue. This elastic band can be found in the entire Susy collection. The band has a beautiful retro look and two silicone stripes so that the bike shirt stays in place and your back is not exposed during a bike ride.
In addition, this ladies bike shirt is quite long, about 62 cm measured from the back. This is a lot longer compared to the short cycling shirts from Italian brands. And that is extra nice when you're a little longer.
Both the front and the back contain a blue Susy logo. This logo is reflective in the twilight and provides extra visibility.
All seams on the inside of the beautiful ladies bike shirt are made with soft nylon yarns. For example, the ladies cycling shirt is extra comfortable and as a second skin during cycling or mountain biking.
This beautiful ladies' shirt has three back pockets and a lockable pocket. The lockable bag is placed in the side seam and therefore hardly visible. The lockable bag has a YKK zipper.


A beautiful ladies bike shirt with a durable spray print.

The ladies bike shirt is digitally printed. This is a sustainable way of printing because only the patterns are printed. Thus, no printed matter is lost and no unnecessary dyes are used. The printing of the beautiful ladies bike shirt takes place in Poland. They use high-quality dyes so that the cycling shirt remains beautiful after frequent washing.

How do you keep the Susy ladies bike shirt as beautiful as possible?

Do not wash the ladies bike shirt higher than 30 degrees and do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener ensures that ladies cycling jersey no longer absorbs moisture.
Do not ever iron the cycling jersey. The technical yarns are not resistant to the high temperatures of the iron. The best you can hang the beautiful ladies bike shirt after washing on a clothes hanger.


The origin of the material

The fabric comes from Italy. Printing takes place in poles.
The manufacture of the beautiful ladies bike shirt takes place in Poland

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